Yoga Alloy

Our Mission

Our ultimate aim is to empower our students with yogic tools to build strength and self-awareness for creating a meaningful life. Many people would agree that life is sacred. But so few of us live in a way that truly honors the beauty of existence. We spend a lot of time doing things without purpose.
As if anything we do can be insignificant; as if we have forever to live on this earth. We are trying to run away from our responsibility towards our souls, from the finitude of our bodies. We can only live fully if we embrace life with all its darkness and light. That is not easy but yoga can make you strong enough. Millions of people for thousands of years devoted themselves to yoga for this aim. In our teacher training courses, our aim is to make you fall in love with the things you used to run away from. So every morning you wake up excited to live that day no matter what is waiting for you.

Why 'Alloy'

As the co-founders of Yoga Alloy, Gokce and Zeynep looked for a name that can represent their vision the best. They both have the Materials Engineering background. Alloying is a technique to enhance materials’ properties by combining two or more elements (usually metals). Alloying is about creating a harmonized union between two or more seemingly unlikes.

That tells a lot about their relationship, about the way they embrace life, also about how they bring their colorful background to create rich yoga experiences in their classes.

Yoga is also about harmony. Being in harmony with oneself, others and the universe.

Our team


Zeynep, one of our main teachers at Yoga Alloy, has dedicated her life to inspire others to follow their heart’s desires and passion in life. After many years of self-inquiry, personal development and continuous learning, she finally found her purpose in life – to help people transform their lives through the path of yoga.

On the path, she collected various skills and certifications including but not limited to BS in Engineering as well as BA in performing arts, MA in Philosophy, Creative Drama Leadership, etc. 

Both her versatile background and her studies on yoga opened up her intuition towards the unity in the universe. In each work she contributes, Zeynep draws her inspiration from various areas of life and spreads this creativity and passion for life generously.

She has co-founded a successful yoga business in Turkey. For the past few years, she has been the Head Teacher at over 20 yoga teacher trainings in Bali, helping hundreds of students become certified yoga teachers. Zeynep do not just talk about the yogic lifestyle…she walks the talk and draws upon the ancient yogic tradition and wisdom as a guide and inspiration for her daily life.

Being an E-RYT 500 of Yoga Alliance, Zeynep loves to work with students of all ages, physical backgrounds, and skill-levels, embracing the uniqueness of each student. At Yoga Alloy she works as one of the main teachers at our trainings and workshops, but she also draws from her engineering background as Head of Operations at Yoga Alloy.

When she´s not working, she is studying continental philosophy, enjoying arts events around the town, sipping away on a green juice or just pondering about life and the Universe. She’s also a big fan of swimming in tropical waterfalls and exploring the latest trendy vegan cafés in search of the world’s best smoothie bowl.

Testimonials for Zeynep from her past employments as a yoga teacher trainer:

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Zeynep was everything I was looking for in my yoga teaching instructor and more. She went beyond all expectations of compassion and understanding while teaching me to leave all expectations behind and trust the universe. I left the training with a strong belief in myself and those around me, a knowledgeable base of yogic history and tradition, and most importantly an unwavering understanding of how to practice yoga on and off the mat. I believe she is a powerful positive manifestation that I am very lucky to have had in my path and I look forward to our next crossing. If I could train with her again right now I would.
Natalie Marcoux
Zeynep was a great teacher of a group of 16 students. She created a safe space where everyone felt held and supported. This enabled a great learning environment for approaching yoga philosophy and teachings. She shared willingly of her own history and background, which enhanced the learning experience. The asana practice was great and varied. Thanks to great cues (that she teaches you!) no one got any injuries during the intensive four weeks. Zeynep is positive, humble and knowledgeable - and warmly recommended.
Margrete Laland
I’m so happy to have had Zey as my teacher at the Yoga Teacher Training. She is great at teaching you the philosophy and the anatomy of Yoga and in preparing you to be a good teacher. And especially in guiding you through 4 weeks of self-discovery. Having had Zey as my teacher at the Yoga Teacher Training was the best I could have wished. Thank you Zey for being who you are.
Susana Silva
Zey is so knowledgable and teaches with love and lots of humor. Her teaching style is fun and inspiring, and you can count on some interesting discussions. Loved my YTT with her.
Tuva Otterlei
I took a Yoga Teacher Course Level 1. My teacher, Zey, had the excellent gift in her calm, balanced way of masterfully teaching me, transfer her knowledge. My recommendation, if you are looking for a comprehensive education with a degree as a yoga teacher, then you are in the best hands with Zey. Success Guaranteed.
Silvia Wojta
Zey was the incredible teacher trainer for my 200-hour YTT in Bali in 2018. She immediately made our group of 13 yogis from around the world feel comfortable and at home. Zey has a calm and grounded demeanour, and a way of combining professionalism and warmth, in an inclusive environment. It was clear right from the start that Zey is a wealth of knowledge. She was very comfortable with the course material, which was comprehensive and included yoga philosophy, theory, anatomy, sequencing and more. She challenged us to dig deep within ourselves, consider different perspectives and open our hearts to such a vast world of yoga. Naturally, she also led fantastic asana classes; able to read the room, offer mindful and challenging sequences, and insightful adjustments. Zey spent almost one month with our group as our only trainer. She worked tirelessly to ensure we not only learned the material we needed to, but made it interesting, fun and meaningful. We also finished the YTT feeling capable of teaching a well-rounded 60 minute class. We also left having made beautiful connections with others, and perhaps even ourselves. I would highly recommend and encourage you to take any courses Zey offers, and only wish I could be there too 🙂
Sarah Trevivian
My Yoga Teacher Training with Zeynep was seriously the best Yoga experience I had so far! Zeynep is such an ambitious teacher, and she has so much knowledge to share! She was always on time, always on time, always prepared, and her flows are amazing! She will teach you a slow and steady breathing and flow pace! Join her training you will be amazed!!!! Thank you Zey with love.
Roman Riebesmeier
Zeynep is the most patient and friendliest yoga teacher I ever got to know. Her wisdom of the yoga philosophy and all the different layers of yoga is very profound. Still, Zeynep is very open minded and listens to other points of views, always open for discussion. Her teaching of yoga poses guided me to a save and healthy practice and I really, really want to thank her for her time and patience. Zeynep made my 200h teacher training in Bali 2017 and she encouraged me to practice and to teach and I am following this path ever since. Thank you Zey, and all the best for your own studio. Love,
Klaudia Zehetner (39, Vienna, Austria)


Gokce, one of Yoga Alloy´s main teachers, was born in beautiful Izmir, Turkey, and has always been a sea and nature boy, interested in understanding how everything works and the underlying subtle forces of life and nature. The holistic approach of yoga towards life itself attracted Gokce soon after practicing Aikido. After several years of yoga practice, he headed to Bali for his first teacher training.

The vast knowledge behind yoga mesmerized Gokce from the start and he spent over two months in Bali for two trainings and graduated as a RYT 500.

Gokce always wanted to find the meaning of life, and was drawn to Eastern modalities and philosophies to learn how to live a healthy and harmonious life. In college he started practicing the Japanese martial art form Aikido. Aikido is often translated as “the way of unifying (with) life energy” or as “the way of harmonious spirit”. After practicing Aikido for 10 years he was granted a 2nd Dan black belt by Aikikai Foundation, Japan.  

However, it was the holistic approach of yoga to life itself, that brought Gokce to Bali several years later where he graduated as a RYT 500. After  returning to Turkey, Gokce co-founded a successful yoga school and started teaching in various locations in Turkey and Bali. He has taught several workshops and assisted many YTTs throughout the years. Being an E-RYT 500 of Yoga Alliance, he has also practiced with famous yoga teachers around the world including Rod Stryker, Meghan Currie, Doug Swenson, and Simon Borg-Olivier.

Gokce is also a 3rd level Reiki Master Teacher following the ancient methods of Mikao Usui teaching students to be loving healers. He is also interested in and amazed by the vastness of science behind Astrology which he is a lifetime student of. 

Today, he is combining the holistic approach of yoga, the ancient knowledge of balance from Aikido, the healing power of Reiki and the science of stars to weave together his own unique approach to and understanding of everything’s interconnectedness. 

At Yoga Alloy Gokce is, except for being one of our main teachers, also responsible for Sales.

Special thanks to

Our friends and families;

who never left us alone on this journey,

Mira Fischer;

for her never ending support and advices,

Bora INCIR and Sezai GOKSU;

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