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Embracing the Female Body

4 Reasons to Look Forward Your Next Period

I have been working on embracing my moon cycles after years of heavy cramps. Then I read about this idea of looking forward to my next period. That idea made me realize that I still had so much to do until I genuinely embrace my bleeding.

So I started reading more about the positive aspects of menstrual bleeding. Here are 4 reasons to look forward to your moon cycles.

1. The seasons of the female body

I live in a country where we have all four seasons. I must admit I love sunny weather. I wouldn’t say I like it when it is cloudy and wet and cold. Yet, experiencing the emotions intensifying with each season is fantastic. I love how everyone becomes so outgoing during spring—sharing the joy of blossoming nature. In winter, everyone is a bit more isolated, a bit more focused inwardly. It is cold outside so being inside with a warm drink warming your palms itself gives joy. That is a pleasure, among many others, that you can experience only in winter. It is so beautiful to sync with nature’s cycle, going through each phase with the mother earth.

Our bodies also go through a natural cycle each month in sync with the moon. Each month we have a chance to experience the four seasons.

The menstrual bleeding is the winter, where it feels extra cozy and yummy to be alone and rest and retrospect. Your nature calls you to step away from people and daily hassle. Then comes the spring where you feel beautiful and social. The ovulation is your summertime, where the heat comes from within and more intensely than previous weeks. Summer ends as you begin to prepare for winter, slow down.

Life is a flow, and it has ups and downs. Only when we learn to enjoy all of it we can say that we have genuinely experienced living. 

2. It is time to channel your intuition.

In some ancient cultures, the menstruation blood was sacred. Menstruating women were celebrated and their advice was taken seriously. The first menstruation was welcomed with celebratory rituals.  It is ironic how it is in contrast with our modern-day reality. 

Bleeding is the period when the female intuition is at its peak. If you want to connect with your intuition and channel it, there is no better time. You are naturally focused inward and inclined to be alone. Your body invites you to slow down and rest. There is an undeniable connection between your body, your emotions, and mental states. You are in touch with how all is connected. All you have to do is step back and allow your intuition to shine forth.

3. Your body has a say in your life.

The consumerist system tells us to keep going. Non-stop working starves our soul, so we feel hungry. Then we are told to purchase to relieve our hunger. But such consumption does not satisfy our soul’s appetite, so we work harder and consume harder in an endless cycle.

Female body revolts against that. It bleeds and pulls you away. It forces you to take care of your body. It annoys you. It is inappropriate; it is dirty in the most beautiful way. It tells you that there is something wrong with the system because it does not allow half of the population to entirely embrace their physicality and emotionality.

4. Keeps you connected

The male body and psyche also go through the cycles as well. Unfortunately, we are all masters of suppressing our emotions and tiredness. So they push all their seasons down, pretend that it is always a ‘normal’ season with ‘normal’ weather. The good thing is that you can not suppress the blood though it just flows. But we are living in the age of technology. The medicine can even stop the female bleeding—no more storms, rains, no hot sun, no blossoms, just normal. 

The earth and the moon go through its cycles, and we pretend to be in a steady-state. We disconnect from the planet that we are a part of. We disconnect from each other. We disconnect from our nature. We disconnect our mind and body and soul.

We want the intensity of life; we want all the colors. Our emotions are our power and our guides. Our bodies are also wise and continually communicating with us. Why run away from what we are. Our greatest and most undeniable power is existing. We change the world through being. So embrace every part of your being. Look forward to everything that makes you experience things from a different point.

Embody the sacred within

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