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What Makes You Strong?

Reclaim the Forgotten Aspect of Your Inner Fire

We come into a world where power is predefined. The powerful people of our planet have a lot of money and a lot of control.

We live under the illusion that the more you possess, the stronger you are. That is not true. The more you possess the more you have to lose. When we are afraid of losing things we build defenses around them. The thing is that as we build defenses to keep dangers out and away, we also imprison ourselves within our defenses. 

Just think about the animals and how freely they wander around. Even a dog on a leash looks far less burdened than their human. Or, take our shoes as an example. We wanted to protect our feet. We invented shoes for each season and each activity. Now our feet are safe within our shoes but we are the only creatures of this earth that cannot walk on it barefoot. The protection and power we supply from the outer world will never make us stronger. Yoga constantly reminds us that the true power comes from within.

This power within is usually depicted as the inner fire at the navel center. Fire is hot, it is bright and it is transformative. Unlike other elements, the fire has transformative power.  Things change when they are put through the fire. So one of the most commonly known signs of being in touch with your inner fire is to be okay with changes. But there is a more important and less known way of connecting with your inner fire. That is being the source and sustainer of change. This includes redefining power.  We need to remind ourselves that the predefined forms of power do not exhaust the way of being powerful. Inner fire is meant to be a source of your unique power.

Image by Tolga Ulkan

The world is slowly coming out of a period where masculine meant power and feminine meant submissive. All modern definitions of power are devoid of feminine aspects. Yet regardless of our gender, we need both feminine and masculine ways of being powerful. Masculine forms of power are all about being in control being proactive. We underestimate how much strength it takes to surrender and let go of all expectations. Just think of how many of us struggle to lie still in Savasana or sit still in meditation. Or think of how no one is able to relax at will. 

Meditation is amazing at showing us how we can not deal with just being. The ideal mental state for meditation is to be erect but steady. A beautiful balance between yin and yang, masculine and feminine. 

We need to take back our ability and right to define power based on our uniqueness. To be able to do that you need to answer the question: Why do you need to be strong? We need to use most of our power to clearly see our path in life and walk it with pride. Strength is not about staying within your limits and comfort zone, It is for expanding your limits and leaving your comfort zone.

Embody the sacred within.

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