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Intuition, do you know what exactly it is?

After decades of undervaluing intuition, it is finally getting some attention. We use the word ‘intuition’ more frequently in our daily lives. It is a huge thing, especially in the yoga world.

Yet, what doesn't mean? What is intuition?

As Anodea Judith puts it, intuition is an unconscious pattern recognition mechanism. 


We are all familiar with conscious pattern recognition.

  • It is our ability to induct the whole from its pieces.
  • It is our ability to deduct pieces from the whole.
  • Thanks to our reasoning, we don’t need to see the whole picture to grasp what is happening.

For example, imagine finding your dor or cat in the kitchen sitting next to a broken vase. You would not think that the vase might have made a sneak attack to your pet, and now it is celebrating its survival. No. You quickly conclude that the innocent little creature sitting on the floor has been having some adventure. If we could not recognize this pattern to figure out the whole story, we would have to look back into the past to figure out what happened.

Our logic is a potent tool in our lives, but there are some things where the logic is not adequate.

Photo by Ioana Cristiana on Unsplash

Sometimes listing pros and cons and seeing the cons are unquestionably overpowering the pros does not show you the best course of action.

Sometimes your intuition tells you to choose the non-logical option, and it turns out just perfect for you. 


What you sou crave does not have a general use recipe.

Photo by Ioana Cristiana on Unsplash

The formula for a life that is beautiful and worth living is different for each of us. Our reasonable mind fails to grasp the delicate ways of connectedness between our uniqueness and universal whole. Everyone wants to earn money. But financial wealth does not make life meaningful. There is something that your soul craves for. And there is a way to materialize that craving, which is unique to you. Your intuition will help you find that way and keep you on the right path.

Everyone around you might look at you and say what you are doing makes no sense. They will say that not because they don’t like you but simply because they don’t understand. They won’t understand because this is precisely where the reasoning mind fails us.

Reason and logic can not walk the path of the soul. You need all of your mental and psychic powers to create a life worth living for.

Our intuition catches the patterns of subtle vibrations.


  • that are connecting the past, present, and future and
  •  are beyond the limitations of space.

Your intuition may take you to a path that is very challenging because you will need the strength in the next stage of life. It may save you from wasting your time acquiring resources that will not be necessary. Even you will not understand it completely. Intuition requires surrender.

The split-second judgments

There are scientific studies about split-second judgments. Our intuition guides split-second judgments. The power of the unconscious to recognize patterns. In those studies, they compare the judgments people make in a few seconds about a relationship dynamic, about the stock market, about people with intensive analytical examination results. The accuracy of the instinctual judgments is parallel with analysis results, if not higher.

How to get my intuitive powers back?

Because we cannot tell the reasoning behind the intuitive impulses, we tend to dismiss it. Most of us don’t even hear the sound of intuition after years of dismissiveness. 

Still, don’t despair. Your intuition is with you, even if you have long forgotten how to hear it. Begin with allowing it to have a voice in small matters initially. Listen to it when it tells you to double-check something, not initially trust someone, to walk on the other side of the road, not take the bus that day, etc. Its voice will get louder in time. 

If you are willing to work on it more, you may also begin paying attention to your dreams. Try to recognize the symbolic language of your unconscious mind.

Creating a meaningful life is a huge mission. We need all our strength to do that. Our powers include our logic, senses, healthy body but also our emotions (all of them even the most unpleasurable ones), our intuition. We have so much power at our disposal but we have hidden it from ourselves. It is time to rediscover them.


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