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Strengthen your Intuition: 6 steps to strengthen it!

As Carl Jund describes it:

Intuition is perception via unconscious.

Because it is a function of the unconscious, it does not have logical reasoning behind it. We are living in an age where logic and reason are highly overrated. Science is the highest authority in our day. If something is not scientific, then we are told not to take it seriously. We forget that science is not done yet. It is still searching, discovering.

Intuition is still science’s blind spot. Most of us are taught to dismiss intuition as we were growing up. So we did. We dismissed our intuition to the point that we are not even sure if we have it. So here comes the first step:

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1. Know that we all have intuition.

Even if you think yourself as someone who is not gifted with intuition, that is not right. Moreover, even you secretly know that. That is the reason why you are reading this article. 

Since intuition is not something very tangible with your conscious mind, you have to believe in it and keep yourself open to its signs. You cannot command your intuition to show you the truth behind the things. You ask your intuition to show you the truth and wait for the signs from your unconscious to bubble up.

2. Pay attention to your dreams.

Since we have not been communicating with our intuitive powers, we might have forgotten its language.

The unconscious does not use the language of the word when talking. It is power comes from operating beyond the limits of language. It uses symbols, images, archetypes. Paying attention to your dreams will get you familiar with your unconscious mind. 

How to pay attention to your dreams?

  1. Have a dream journal.
  2. After waking up, before moving at all in the bed, try to recall your dream.
  3. Write your dream to your journal.
  4. Write as many details as you can remember, like the colors, textures, smells, oddities, etc.

3. Have a regular meditation practice.

Without the meditation practice, our conscious mind is in a non-stop chattering mode. We usually notice our need, our emotional responses, let alone our intuition. So we need to calm down the mental chatter, which takes up so much of our energy. 

4. Get familiar with the physical cues of the intuition.

Intuition will give you physical cues, not reasonable explanations. Think of the times that you felt that something was not right, but you ignored, and things went wrong. Remember how it felt in your body. It is different for everyone. So no one can tell you how it should feel.

You have to honor your intuition. Your intuition will have a louder and clearer voice as you connect with it and put energy into it. So the next time you feel that sensation stop and change something according to your hunch.

5. Work with split-second judgments.

Split-second judgments are the ones that we make in a few seconds before analyzing the situation. It will take time to sharpen this ability, so don’t rely on it. 

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How to work on split-second judgments?

  1. When you are in a new place or meet someone new or have to make a choice, open yourself to subtle vibrations for 15 secs.
  2. Then close your eyes and make a judgment about a situation.
  3. Thank your intuition for the insight.
  4. Put it aside.
  5. Then make your usual decision making things.
  6. Note yourself if the initial and the last judgments were aligned.
  7. After the appropriate time is passed, reconsider if the judgments were accurate.

It will begin as a guessing game. But quickly, you will discover a connection with your intuition and learn to weed out the inaccuracies.

6. Surrender

Intuition requires surrender. You need to surrender some decisions to your unconscious mind and not be able to explain why you are choosing that. 

Begin with baby steps. Stop what you are doing for a few seconds when you feel something telling you to stop for no reason. Change your way when you feel something is wrong. Ask the seemingly unnecessary questions when you feel the urge to ask. 

When doing all that don’t let your reasoning intervene. Get familiar with the idea that there may be things you know but cannot explain. 

We are not just our logical minds. We have these miraculous bodies, five senses, emotions, and psychic powers. Taking control of our lives means embracing all of ourselves. We are equipped to create a beautiful life. We just need to embrace how powerful we are.

Embrace the sacred within.

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